The Nationals became know in the 60’s as the Rock and Roll
group that preformed an act called “The Bug”.  They became so
popular with this routine that they would sometimes play at three
concerts in one night.  The Disc Jockeys that emceed the
concerts with stars such as ‘Fabian”, “Jerry Lee Lewis”, “Tony
Orlando” and Brenda Lee would always try to get the Nationals
to be the opening act performing ‘’The Bug”.  Robert E. Lee a
disc jockey of WJBK radio in the 60’s was quoted as saying,
“These guys get a little crazy but the crowd loves them”.  Others
said, “Their performance is not only daring but extremely
coordinated”.  The girls of that day went crazy watching their
performance.  All of the other performers that followed the
Nations doing their Bug Act loved it too because the crowd was
really pumped up when they entered the stage.  Fabian once
said, “I wish those guys would travel with me and be my opening
act where ever I go”.  During one of the opening acts Jim
Castellani the drummer jumped off the stage and rolled around
on the floor trying to get rid of his bug and three girls ripped his
shirt off and tore it into little pieces.. “The Bug” was a
performance where each member of the group (in his own style)
acts as if a bug was running around under their clothing and they
are trying to roll around enough to get rid of it. This crazy
performance was s popular that”The Nationals” couldn’t fulfill the
many requests for their appearances.  “The Nationals” signed a
management and recording contract with J & J records.  This is
how the group became known also for their recording, “The
Bamboo Hut Strut”.  The Bamboo Hut was located in Wyandotte,
Michigan and “The Nationals” utilized this spot as its home base.  
This dance became very popular at the Bamboo Hut.  The
Bamboo Hut became the place to go and “The Nationals”
enjoyed playing and performing to a capacity crowd each night it
was open.

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Randy Darnell from Wausau, Wisconsin, Wade Cummins from Tennessee, Neal Henson from Melvindale, Michigan,
Danny Albani from Melvindale, Michigan and Jim ... - Cached - Similar
Danny Albani Sings